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Customer Reviews and Testimonials


Andre Writer

2 months ago

"I have used Brooks Notary for various legal and non legal matters. Every time I need Pam she is there and ready to work. Her communication skills are great and she always on time! I recommend her services 10/10"

Dana Dana

3 Weeks Ago

"Pam is AMAZING!!!!! She was highly informative. She rapidly responded to my situation and calmed my worries. I will Definitely use her service again!"

Cody Martinez

4 months ago

"Pamala showed up on time and made getting my documents notarized fast and easy. I will definitely use her services again."

Robert Ceglia

2 months ago

"My name is Robert, I contacted((PAMELA)). Two 2, Hours before my interview and i need it to update my resume and she did it that last minute.becuase of PAMELA, I PAST MY INTERVIEW... NOT EVERY PROFECIONAL WILL DO ANY KIND OF WORK WITH OUT NOTICE... THANKS PAM."

Octavia Landix

4 months ago

"I go to Brook Notary & Litigation Support for all my document and contract needs. Very efficient and professional. Highly recommended!! They know there stuff."

Amber White

4 months ago

"Pam is an amazing organizer/resume builder/consultant/and legal document preparer. She’s a rare find and worth every dime ☺️"


Jared Metz

4 months ago

"Pamala is amazing. Prompt, concise work. Would highly recommend!"

Katie Kelly

a year ago

"OMG!!! Pamala is the best ever. She’s punctual, polite, diligent, and thorough. She has done my resume, cover letters, emails, notary, when I was in college she also did my papers, she helps me learn at least one new word a day to build my vocabulary, she makes life easier with her templates, she also helped translating information that was sent from my lawyer. Bruh, when I say she is the absolute best and worth EVERY SINGLE DIME she charges and if you don’t want to pay then move it along. She does over the top great work and I’m trying to figure out why she isn’t rich yet. If you want the best you get it with her. Thank you Pam"


Brad Shaw

7 months ago

"We are so happy with Pamala, she was fast, efficient, and explained everything thoroughly. We highly recommend Brooks Notary!

Xavi'el Bey

a year ago

"I'II have to admit, I was a bit lost on how and what to do with starting my business, a colleague of mine suggested that I try BNLS, I gotta tell you Pamala made the process buttery smooth and headache-free. If you want to start a business venture BNLS is where it will happen.

Dee Honie

a year ago

"The Best in the West. Honest and Loyal Company."

Cheryl S.

March 12, 2020

"I found this company on google and I'm so glad I did. I had very short notice for a potential job opportunity and they requested a curriculum vitae (CV). I only had a traditional resume and Pamala created a detailed and professional CV for me. I needed it within a short deadline and she delivered. She communicated with me and asked questions to ensure she captured all of my qualifications. We made a few adjustments without complaint. I would recommend this company to several of my colleagues."

Beverly G.

January 21, 2020

"I haven't applied for a job outside of my company in 20 years. I now have a doctorate and am looking to change careers. I was looking for a professional to create a new resume for a new industry based on my experience and tailor it for a specific job. Ms. Brooks was professional and timely in getting me a draft of my resume, cover letter, and references page that all had the same look. It looked custom designed and not borrowed from a template.  It looked like professional stationery. I shared with my colleagues and they were impressed as well. Plus, she was reasonably priced for the product. If you need a professional-looking resume, you should contact her. You won't be disappointed."

Andrea G.

August 9, 2019

"I was in California dealing with some business and I found myself in need of a notary. I was referred to Mrs. Brooks by a previous client who stated she was prompt and professional. One phone call to Mrs. Brooks proved she was exactly what I was looking for. Pamala answered all of my questions and my documents were notarized the very next day. During our conversation, Pamala said she also writes resumes which is awesome because my resume needs a serious revamp!"


July 10, 2019

"If you are looking for professional and honest work BNLS is the place to go. I am very very happy with the work that was done for me and they are now my to-go spot. Everything was done in a timely fashion and I had no issues. Once again thanks for your hard and honest work."

Katie K.

May 4, 2019

"Brooks Notary is one of the best places I have ever been to. Pamala is professional and knowledgeable, she never made me feel like anything other than family. I went in for one task and ended up completing a couple of others because she is so well rounded in almost every aspect. Notary, legal documents, contracts, credit like goodness what can't you do lol. She's empathetic and understands your needs. As a business owner she has advised me on a couple of pointers that helped me build my business. I will definitely spend my money with her because I get quality and it's worth every dollar."

Tay W.

April 16, 2019

"BNLS wrote a very effective cease and desist! Thanks! 💪❤"

Russell M.

November 28, 2018

"She is very professional and if you need any writing services for resumes cover letters etc. this is the person and the place you need to get it done from. This was a very professional experience for me. Excellent work. Thank you, thank you again!"

Kioni Y.

April 28, 2018 

I've decided to get my name legally changed and considering the excellent job BNLS performed last time it was a no brainier I going to her this go-round. Long short, short due to the lengthy time and not received a court date yet, Pam gave me step by step instructions whom to contact and what to do. However before the ball could get rolling in that area, I discovered the paperwork had the incorrect court address. Problem is that name changes has to be filed in the city where you live and Los Angeles Superior Court did not fall under my Inglewood address. Kick in head part, Pamala had double-check before filling out the paperwork. But no matter. Did Mrs. Pamala Brooks jump into action, not being able to rest until not only the paperwork was corrected, which she updated in minutes emailing to me, but yet again providing me step by step instructions on where to go as well as what to do, even on the phone with me to ensure I was in the right place-and bless her heart-apologizing the whole time, which I didn't accept because it wasn't her fault.  End result, I now have a court date set. Stellar performance Pam-thank you for taking great care of me!"

Shamonique B.

July 19, 2017

"Ms. Pamala really outdid herself. She was willing to listen to the facts and details and was able to deliver my needs in an outstanding letter. I highly recommend Ms. Pamala and I'm greatful I was able to hire her for the job. Thank you, job well done!"


Marqueta W.

June 15, 2017

"Pam's attention to detail and patience with me during the process made it a pleasure working with her. Her professionalism and quick turn around time made my first time experience with Thumbtack a quality experience. My resume turned out great, and she accomplished exactly what I wanted!"


Paula D.

March 28, 2016

"I would give higher scores if I could. She was very efficient in responding to my initial request via email- she gave me her price upfront and confirmed appointment She was willing to meet me and my party to notarize forms- even on a holiday. then I inconvenienced her by having her drive to a second location because my family Was at a different location. But Pamela was so kind and accommodating. She was thorough and completed the notary properly and quickly. I would use her services again and would highly recommend her. Highly efficient"


Tiare R.

July 21, 2015

"I come to Pam for everything legal related. If it be for some advice on rules/regulations, or to fill out documents for me, or referrals to an attorney whatever it is, she's my gal! She is prompt, always answers phone calls/e-mails on time and with a smile! She will always have my business, and I will always be happy to refer her."


Leslie C.

July 21, 2015

"Very knowledgeable! If you ever need any advice on documents, subpoenas, even your employee handbook, look no further. You will get the answers you need in simple terms that anyone can understand all while being treated in a respectful and professional manner. Excellent service!"

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