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Who is BNLS?

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

Brooks Notary & Litigation Support (BNLS) was founded back in 2013 by Pamala Brooks, a seasoned paralegal and notary public. With over 11 years of legal experience, and having served the office of Notary Public for over 5 years, it was only natural for Pamala to make the move into entrepreneurship within the industry that she loves. Taking the skills and knowledge picked up along the way, it was clear that it was time to start something unique, yet familiar, by establishing her own lane within the legal industry. It is with faith and encouragement that BNLS was born.

Law has always been Pamala’s first love, and she does not mind sharing her knowledge and expertise, with anyone that requests her help. She makes it a point to provide clients with the utmost respect, dignity, and great service, when tending to their legal document needs. Though Pamala is not yet an attorney, she will be enrolling into law school in the near future. She is sure to inform each client that her services are currently limited to document preparation and legal research, as she cannot offer legal advice or legal representation. Pamala does her best to help each client to the best of her ability, and should there be a time where she cannot take on a project, she is thorough in providing any resources that may be helpful to that client.

Pamala has been a commissioned notary public for the State of California for the past 5 years. She does not notarize documents that she drafts herself, as it is not permitted by law. However, Pamala can assist by either drafting the document or notarizing the client's completed document, she just cannot do both, at the same time. BNLS Notary Services are mobile, so you don’t have to worry about driving to an office, paying for parking, or having difficulty finding a parking space.

Pamala is also a mother of 3, with the youngest at 2 years old. She balances work and family life, managing to keep her sanity intact, while running two businesses. Her other business is a clothing brand that caters to legal professionals. There are many great things to come, and we hope you are comfortable, because this is going to be a crazy ride.

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